Polling software for creating engaging meetings

Use TurningPoint to make your meetings more productive than ever

Meetings. The word alone can inspire dread, and it isn’t hard to understand why. Anyone who has been in the workforce knows the feeling of trying to stay awake during a meeting that seems to last forever. Of course, that doesn’t have to be the case. TurningPoint interactive polling software is an ideal tool to ensure meetings are engaging and worthwhile.

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How does TurningPoint polling software work?

With TurningPoint, you can insert questions into a PowerPoint presentation, poll directly from the web or use a floating toolbar to ask on-the-fly questions over top of any document, video or application. Participants then respond using their own cell phones, tablets or computers or, if you choose, hardware clickers.

Why use polling software in meetings?

There are many different ways to integrate interactive polling tools to make meetings more interesting and productive.

Start with an icebreaker

Get things started with a quick icebreaker. Use something as simple as an analogy or word scramble or play a quick trivia game to get attendees’ minds working.

Keep everyone's attention

The icebreaker may help you capture attention, but keeping it is the hard part. Most of us tend to lose focus the longer a meeting goes, even if we are interested in the subject matter. Well-placed interactive questions will snap their focus back to the task at hand. Add some gamification slides to generate friendly competition that will boost their investment in the proceedings and make everything that much more exciting.

Gather opinions to spark discussion

Many people do not feel comfortable speaking their mind in front of a large group, a fact that is especially true when the topic is controversial in some way. Who wants to be the lone voice to share misgivings about a proposed company policy when the HR manager who wrote it is right there?

Polling in a meeting takes away those worries because TurningPoint responses are seen only in aggregate. That way, leadership can truly understand what everyone is thinking. Even better, seeing that they are not alone in their opinion gives employees the confidence to speak out, making the meeting itself a more participatory, engaging experience.

Check understanding

Nodding heads are never a good measure of whether or not attendees’ have retained information. However, an interactive polling question shows the truth. If the majority really do grasp the necessary concepts, you can quickly move forward. On the other hand, if the results indicate the opposite, you can review the information right then to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Conduct a post-meeting survey

A short survey after a meeting is the perfect way to gather additional feedback there may not have been time to share or thoughts that may have surfaced only once the meeting was over. Further, you can use this opportunity to ask about the quality of the meeting itself, and take suggestions for making it even better the next time.

Can you use polling to schedule work meetings?

Rather than an endless email string, use TurningPoint to send out a poll asking what meeting times work best for everyone in the group. Scheduled surveys are also perfect for deciding ideal locations and food options for off-site meetings.

How can I use polling software for work trainings?

Trainings are well-suited to take advantage of the many engagement and learning benefits that interactive polling offers. Check out our tips for adding TurningPoint to enhance new-employee orientation, and hear how our clients integrate our technology into settings as varied as safety trainings, diversity awareness and medical education.

What polling questions can you ask in the workplace?

With question types including multiple choice, numeric response, short answer, hotspot, WordCloud and more, the possibilities are endless. Download our free, pre-made content for anti-harassment, anti-discrimination training and review our extensive library of content for safety trainings (with samples available for download) to see just a few examples.