CMS Cameron McKenna

Gaining truthful insights on challenging topics


CMS Cameron McKenna prides themselves on being a truly client-focused law firm. They provide a service tailored to the particular concerns and requirements of each client. In all professional service businesses, time is money. Staff need to maintain and develop their skills in the most efficient way, maximizing the return from unbillable hours. Effective training is therefore a key element in ensuring the success of the company. Fae Longman is the IT Training Team Leader at CMS Cameron McKenna and is keen that her company uses the latest technology to enhance training outcomes.

“People can be reticent to give real answers, but with TurningPoint they can express their true opinions in a safe environment. There is no hierarchical pressure – from trainee to managing director, everyone can press a button and feel equal.”

—Fae Longman

While attending the Learning Technologies Conference, Fae used TurningPoint as an attendee in a seminar where the speaker was looking to gain audience insights. Immediately, Fae realised the technology had enormous potential for her organization, creating direct feedback between trainer and audience.

As TurningPoint can be used in anonymous mode, one of its key benefits is the ability to gain more truthful information from an audience rather than “peer censored” comments. Fae decided to test this further at a conference where the participants were all from law firms. In her presentation, she asked a rather pertinent question about the age of the audience. She believes that the responses received were more truthful using TurningPoint than another media. Later feedback from the audience showed that they found the ability to interact made her presentation more interesting and stimulating.

Fae then decided to purchase a TurningPoint system for use in staff trainings and to enrich company presentations. Training people on how to use TurningPoint was easy. Fae notes, “We already use PowerPoint, and TurningPoint is very intuitive to use so I had no problems learning or using the software or handsets.”


Since using TurningPoint, CMS Cameron McKenna has been able to increase the level of audience interactivity and attentiveness during presentations. The ability to gain information “on-the-fly” has helped the company to assess participant understanding and evaluate presentations more objectively. TurningPoint has transformed PowerPoint presentations at CMS Cameron McKenna from inactive lectures to powerful, two-way experiences. Fae comments, ”Prior to TurningPoint, the number of people who actually participate at any time is almost always the same people and this is about 20 percent of the total audience number. Now with using TurningPoint in anonymous mode, the percentage is close to 100 percent.”

Fae believes that one of the real benefits of using the technology is that, “You can be very controversial. People can be reticent to give the real answers, but with TurningPoint they can express their true opinions in a safe environment which allows us to tackle challenging issues productively and quickly.” The student response system helps everyone feel that they are on the same level. Fae comments, “With TurningPoint you only have to press a button on a keypad to give an answer. There is no hierarchical pressure – from trainee to managing director, everyone can press a button and feel equal.”

Another key benefit that CMS Cameron McKenna has found using the technology is that it promotes more discussion during and after a presentation or seminar. Presenters can have a more in-depth conversation about a topic with participants and thereby ensure that they have a more comprehensive understanding of that topic.

With multiple offices throughout the UK, Longman uses TurningPoint in biannual road shows to show the benefits of the technology to company employees. TurningPoint has been particularly useful for new employees. As part of their induction program, they have to present five assignments to their trainers. The new employees have found that using the technology in their presentation is helping to portray them in a more positive light thanks to the increased participation they have with the audience. TurningPoint can be used in a wide variety of scenarios and CMS Cameron McKenna is currently actively expanding their use of TurningPoint, including replacing traditional feedback forms for both internal and external seminars.