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What is classroom polling?

In a nutshell, classroom polling solutions allow instructors to ask interactive questions and receive real-time responses. TurningPoint also offers the option to schedule homework and surveys that students can answer at any time. From these simple tools, instructors have the power to enrich and shape the learning environment.

What are the values of classroom polling?

Get students engaged

One of the biggest challenges that instructors at every level face is keeping students’ attention during a lesson. Some students simply do not want to be there from the very beginning, but even the most dedicated tend to lose focus at one point or another.

One study showed that 87% of students found class to be more engaging with TurningPoint. Why? Because interactive polling questions scattered throughout a presentation are ideal for pulling drifting students back into the lesson. Instructors can make the stakes even higher by introducing friendly competitions into the mix, or by assigning graded points to each correct answer.

Gauge student understanding

Just because the students who raised their hands know the answer, doesn’t mean that the rest of the class does. TurningPoint shows instructors what concepts the class really understand, and what is still confusing. This real-time data lets instructors adjust their lessons on-the-fly to meet the needs of each class, and to ensure that students build a firm foundation of knowledge from the very beginning.

Conduct assessments

Frequent formative assessments are a great way to improve students’ knowledge of a topic, both for end-of-semester exams and in the long term. However, in reality, most instructors simply do not have time to grade a mountain of quizzes every day, especially for large classes.

TurningPoint eliminates that burden by showing and recording all results instantly. This is true for more traditional assessments, like quizzes at the beginning of a class, as well as every time students answer the questions peppered throughout a lecture.

Support active learning

Active learning is a powerful way to improve understanding and spark excitement. By actively involving students in the learning process, they are more likely to understand and remember important information. TurningPoint makes it possible to seamlessly integrate gamification, team-based learning, peer instruction and more.

Save valuable time

In addition to its value as a pedagogical tool, TurningPoint is also a solution that streamlines the business of teaching, reduces administrative burdens and gives instructors more time to focus on what matters most.

Want to take attendance? No need to waste time scanning ID cards or marking it by hand. Just use TurningPoint’s location-based or check-in attendance features to track who is present with two clicks. Need to get grading done? TurningPoint grades everything from quizzes to high-stakes exams instantly. Want to get those grades over to the LMS? TurningPoint has direct integrations to Blackboard, Canvas, Brightspace, Moodle and Sakai.

Student using TurningPoint in class to respond to PowerPoint questions

Assign interactive homework

TurningPoint’s scheduling tool lets instructors take interactive polling outside of the classroom. Interactive assignments motivate learners to do the reading and make it easier to integrate active learning techniques like peer instruction and flipped classroom. It also provides the means to gather opinions on subject matter related to the class, or even conduct evaluations of the class itself in order to make adjustments long before the more formal end-of-semester review.

Enjoy flexibility

TurningPoint classroom polling software is designed to meet the needs of educators and students across a large variety of disciplines and settings. With that goal in mind, the product offers something for everyone, with the option to choose from web-based and desktop platforms and for students to respond with their own cell phones, tablets and computers or hardware clickers.

Further, instructors can ask questions in real time or outside of class, and they can use a wide range of question types when they do so, including multiple choice, numeric response, short answer and hotspot.

Encourage discussions

Students are often reluctant to speak out in class, especially when the discussion is about sensitive or complicated subjects. Seeing everyone’s answers displayed by TurningPoint, however, helps them to understand what everyone in the class is thinking. This boosts their confidence to speak out, and spurs lively debates where before there was only silence.

Track student progress

Automatically generated reports give instructors insights into who in the class has mastered the content and who need assistance. They can also delve into the strengths and weaknesses of the lessons themselves, with at-a-glance views of which concepts the majority of the class failed to grasp even after the lecture. Review data at a high or granular level with Report by Session, Report by Question and Report by Participant (among other options) all available with the click of a button.

Give everyone a voice

TurningPoint gives everyone a chance to be heard, even in the confines of large lecture halls or in classes where one or two voices can all too easily dominate the conversation. This opens the door to a more egalitarian classroom that values everyone’s input and strengthens the educational experience.