Learning Theories

We develop powerful technology that can be usefully integrated into every environment. TurningPoint supports proven learning theories and helps to improve learning outcomes.


Use competitive exercises to pit learners against each other or encourage them to challenge themselves to motivate better learning.

Assessment for learning

Support learning by checking if students are making progress toward objectives during the learning process.

Agile teaching

Quickly adapt and change course pace or alter course structure to better suit the needs and abilities of students.

Enhanced lecture

Enhance lectures by incorporating interactive teaching methods that can lead to increased attendance, engagement and learning.


Implement teaching strategies that reach a younger generation who grew up with interactive technology as the norm.

Active learning

Students engage in activities, such as reading, writing, discussion or problem solving, that promote analysis, synthesis and evaluation of class content.

Flipped classroom

Reverse the traditional way of learning by delivering instructional content outside of the classroom and reviewing material in class.

Team-based learning

Using teams enhances the quality of learning and increases engagement for all students.

Immediate feedback

Providing students with immediate feedback when they answer a question inaccurately can lead to increased test scores and retention of material.

Peer instruction

Engage learners through activities that require them to apply the concepts being presented, and then explain those concepts to fellow learners.