Immediate response technology that promotes agile teaching

Quickly adapt and change course pace or alter course structure to better suit the needs and abilities of students.

Inspire Discussion and Increase Success with Student Response Systems

TurningPoint’s Role in Student Learning and Technological Innovation

Increasing Interactivity in Lectures Using an Electronic Voting System
“Being able to ask questions as we go along helps to keep students engaged, and the instant feedback helps me determine which issues they’ve understood and which we need to go over again.”

-Dr. Michael Stockdale
Principal Lecturer in the School of Law at Northumbria University

How it works with TurningPoint

Agile teaching

On-the-fly questions can be polled enabling flexible questioning.

Agile Teaching group discussion

Facilitate small-group discussions after the majority of students answered a polling question incorrectly.

Agile Teaching

Ask knowledge check questions before starting a topic or unit to uncover what students already know, allowing you to adjust instruction.