Active engagement

Implement teaching strategies that can reach a younger generation that grew up with interactive technology as the norm. This includes providing meaningful and regular student involvement throughout the learning experience.


Research has shown that students learn more effectively and retain information longer with active engagement than they do when passively listening to presentations. TurningPoint bolsters active engagement by improving interaction, encouraging engagement with content and promoting a more learner-centered environment.

How it works with TurningPoint

TurningPoint offers a range of features to help instructors incorporate active engagement into their lessons.

Involve students

Conduct a warm-up by having two or three questions related to previous material.

Capture attention

Use interactive questions and assessments throughout the lesson.

Gather opinions

Priority ranking questions allow learners to identify several topics they are interested in learning more about.

“Getting students engaged is the problem that is solved by using TurningPoint student polling.”

-Dr. Jim Mitroka, Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences
at Palm Beach Atlantic University

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