Enhance your lecture with interactive learning systems

Enhance lectures by incorporating interactive teaching methods that can lead to increased attendance, engagement and learning.


Research has shown that traditional lecture formats left students more likely to fail than students in more active instructional environments. Interactive learning systems like TurningPoint allow instructors to ask students frequent questions, receive immediate feedback and facilitate small group discussions that can enhance learning.

How it works with TurningPoint

TurningPoint interactive learning system offers a range of features to help instructors incorporate enhanced lecture into their lessons.

Poll frequently

Use interactive questions to engage students and spark discussions.

Focus learning

Facilitate small-group discussions after the majority of students answer a polling question incorrectly.

Modify lessons

Ask knowledge check questions before starting a topic or unit to uncover what students already know, allowing you to adjust instruction.

“I teach a lot of morning classes and that’s sometimes difficult for students, but with TurningPoint they have to stay alert and listen to the lecture because every so often I’ll put a clicker question in.”

-Dr. Carol DeNysschen, Associate Professor
of Dietetics and Nutrition, Buffalo State College

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