Flipped classroom

Reverse the traditional way of learning by delivering instructional content outside of the classroom and reviewing material in class.


The flipped classroom model gives students first-exposure learning prior to class in order to focus on the processing part of learning. There are four key elements to running a flipped classroom, all of which TurningPoint can help support:

  • Expose students to material prior to class.
  • Incentivize students to come to class prepared.
  • Assess student understanding of the material.
  • Focus in-class time on higher-level cognitive activities.

How it works with TurningPoint

TurningPoint offers a range of features to help instructors implement a flipped classroom environment.

Schedule assessments

Schedule homework assignments, quizzes and surveys with TurningPoint web to support out-of-class learning.

Motivate preparation

Open classes with interactive questions to gain insight into student understanding, with the option to make these a scored quiz to further encourage preparation.

Track progress

Use TurningPoint to reinforce learning and track student progress after in-class activities.

“Having TurningPoint has allowed me to implement the flipped class approach and it seems to be working out very well.”

–Jim Mitroka, Associate Professor, Palm Beach Atlantic University

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