Flipped classroom

Reverse the traditional way of learning by delivering instructional content outside of the classroom and reviewing material in class.

How SRS Technology Helps Instructors Adapt to Student Needs

Help Students Find Their Voice with Response Technology

“I believe we have a real opportunity to transform education to not only deliver the content, but in the way that faculty interact with students, the way students interact with each other and the way all participants interact with the physical space. A flipped classroom makes for a richer learning experience where the students are applying, discussing and thinking – no longer being fed content that is memorized.”

Christopher Edwards, Assistant Vice President
for eLearning at the University of Cincinnati

How it works with TurningPoint

Flipped Classroom Pedagogy

Allow students to choose teams at the beginning of class to follow how each team responds.

Gamification TurningPoint

Build confidence within the classroom with random teams.