What is Gamification?

Use competitive exercises to pit learners against each other or encourage them to challenge themselves in order to motivate better learning.


Gamification not only makes learning fun, but also has been shown by years of research to improve learning by letting students explore, take chances and learn from their mistakes without embarrassment. TurningPoint interactive polling software helps instructors easily create a challenging and competitive learning environment through gamification, with students able to respond individually or as part of the team.

How it works with TurningPoint

TurningPoint desktop offers a range of features to incorporate gamification into any lesson.

Participant and team leader boards

Display top individuals and teams ranked by total points

Wager slide

Allow participants to wager a percentage of their points on the next question slide.

Team MVP slide

Show the individual participants on each team with the most points

Fastest responder slide

List the individual participants who responded correctly and the fastest to the most recent question

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