Immediate Feedback to enhance learning using real-time feedback tools and software

Providing students with immediate feedback when they answer a question inaccurately has been shown to increase test scores and retention of material.


Immediate feedback helps to keep students on track by offering suggestions for improvement in areas where they are not performing well. TurningPoint’s feedback tools support research-proven methods to improve learning and retention of information.

How it works with TurningPoint

TurningPoint offers a range of feedback tools to enhance the learning environment.

View instant responses

Results display for all to see after each interactive question.

Show the correct answer

By providing a correct answer indicator, learners and instructors get immediate awareness of the correct answer.

Monitor each student's understanding

To view learner-specific responses, use a split/dual screen to view the participant monitor only on the instructor’s laptop.

“People attending our courses come from all sorts of clinical backgrounds and roles, and when we are discussing a particular case, we can ask the audience what they would do next. We can compare the results immediately, which in turn provokes further discussions. We can also take a vote before we discuss a contentious subject, and then another vote afterwards. A graph shows how people’s attitudes have changed during the course of the debate.”

-Dr. Adam Fox, Honorary Senior Lecturer,
King’s College London

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