ExamView transition for Mac OS 10.15 (Catalina)

The fall 2019 release of Mac OS 10.15 (Catalina) will no longer support 32-bit applications, including ExamView. This OS update has prompted us to begin transitioning ExamView content to our web-based TurningPoint platform.

Note: This only affects Mac OS 10.15 users. If you use Windows, or if you do not update to Mac OS 10.15 and remain on Mac OS 10.14 or earlier, you can continue to use ExamView as usual.

Coming end of March 2020

We anticipate that TurningPoint web will be able to support all ExamView users by the end of March 2020. Until then, we suggest not updating to Mac OS 10.15. This will ensure you do not encounter any workflow changes or service interruption during the transition period.


  • Content creation tools and multiple question types
  • ExamView content (.tst and .bnk) conversion for use in the online platform
  • Access and management of content and results online
  • Real-time content and program updates

Have to update to Mac OS 10.15? We have options!

If you must update to Mac OS 10.15 prior to the release of TurningPoint web with support for ExamView users, you have these options:

  • For all ExamView clients, you will receive a free TurningPoint license with five seats (or participants). You can use the seats to engage 5 students in a polling session to test the online polling capabilities of TurningPoint web. (Each student in a session must have a seat. You may purchase additional seats.) With this license, you can use TurningPoint desktop to convert, edit and print existing ExamView tests (.tst). You will not be able to create new tests with your existing content. Download TurningPoint desktop
  • For all ExamView Premium clients, we will honor the remainder of your licensing with TurningPoint mobile.

Comparison Charts

View features and functionality supported in ExamView, TurningPoint desktop and TurningPoint web

  • View features and functionality supported when you convert your ExamView test (.tst) to TurningPoint desktop
  • View features and functionality available if you decide to move from ExamView to TurningPoint desktop
  • View future features and functionality available in the updated TurningPoint web release (coming in March 2020)

How to convert ExamView tests (.tst) in TurningPoint desktop

Follow these steps to convert existing ExamView tests (.tst) in TurningPoint desktop:

  1. Open TurningPoint and sign in to your account.
  2. Select the Content tab.
  3. Click the Content drop-down menu and select Convert ExamView/CPS File.
  4. Locate the file to be converted, select file and click Open. TurningPoint imports the file and places it under the Content tab.

Default installation path for ExamView tests


  • ExamView v8 and earlier – C:\ExamView\Tests
  • ExamView v8.1 and later – C:\Program Files\eInstruction\ExamView\Tests
  • ExamView v8.1 and later – C:\Program Files (x86)\eInstruction\ExamView\Tests


  • ExamView v8 and earlier – HD:\ExamView Pro
  • ExamView v8.1 and later – HD:\Applications\ExamView Pro\Tests

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