TurningPoint with ExamView Capabilities

Mac users who have upgraded to the newest Mac operating system 10.15  or later can use TurningPoint’s enhanced features to harness the power of ExamView for their classes. Anyone using a PC or an older Mac OS can continue to use the traditional ExamView software as usual, and should visit this page for more information.


More than 65 leading publishers distribute ExamView with educational content for over 12,000 individual textbook titles.


Create new or choose to use existing content to produce study guides, worksheets and formative assessments for today’s learners.

Do you use a Mac? Here is what you need to know

The release of Mac OS 10.15 or newer no longer supports 32-bit applications, including ExamView.

In order to continue to serve our Mac clients who have upgraded to the new OS, we have added enhanced features to our TurningPoint desktop software that replicate the most popular ExamView functionalities.

How do I access TurningPoint with ExamView capabilities?

In order to access these features, simply download and set up TurningPoint desktop. You will then be able to pull in publisher content or create your own. For instructions on getting started, visit our quick start guides and video tutorials.

What does TurningPoint with ExamView have to offer?

  • Content creation tools and multiple question types
  • Ability to convert ExamView tests (.tst) and question banks (.bnk) to question lists
  • Capacity to create tests using the following methods: Using Question Information, While Viewing and Randomly
  • Ability to add question information to new and existing questions
  • Create multiple versions of a question list

How do I use TurningPoint with ExamView capabilities?

If you need help getting started, check out our online quick start guides and training videos. Our expert support staff is also available a 1-330-746-3016 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET.

Upgrade to enjoy the full power of TurningPoint in your classroom

ExamView capabilities are just the beginning! Adding a TurningPoint license gives instructors the power to administer frequent assessments, improve student engagement and support active learning with real-time engagement tools.