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Frequent assessments enhance learning

Regular assessments are a simple but powerful way to engage students, boost long-term memory and improve understanding. Not only do weekly or even daily quizzes allow you to gauge student knowledge and adjust instruction long before a high-stakes exam, they can also build students’ confidence and solidify their aptitude by making them an active part of the learning process.

ExamView makes it easy to quiz your students

Despite the benefits of frequent assessments, the time it takes to create, distribute and grade them presents a challenge for any instructor. ExamView quiz generator solves these problems and more so that you can assess students as often as necessary without losing crucial time both inside and outside of the classroom.

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ExamView quiz generator benefits

  • Easily build quizzes by pulling questions from our robust learning series library, leveraging existing content from more than 65 leading publishers or creating your own assessments.
  • Incorporate an array of question types, including multiple choice, true/false, numeric response, matching and short answer.
  • Integrate quiz results with your learning management system with ease.
  • Let students use clickers to respond to questions in real time.

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Administer an unlimited number of online assessments

Automatically grade quizzes

Allow students to respond using any web-enabled device

Provide both synchronous and asynchronous learning

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