How to make safety training fun and effective

TurningPoint provides the key to engaging employees and facilitating learning


Understanding safety regulations is vital to preventing injury, ensuring efficient business operations and maintaining compliance with state and federal laws. None of that changes the fact that many employees dread mandatory safety trainings for one simple reason.

“Regulatory stuff is typically very, very dry material,” said Skipper Kendrick, president of Kendrick Global Enterprises, LLC.

Kendrick has been involved with safety management and training for decades. Now with his own consulting company, he works with businesses in a variety of industries – including oil and gas, aerospace and construction – to help management evaluate safety practices and to run training sessions and workshops for employees.

TurningPoint desktop on a table with mobile app and safety gear

“It’s always been a challenge to get that information across in such a manner that, number one, they understand the concepts,” he said, “and, number two, they can go back and apply those concepts that will keep them in compliance and keep them from getting injured or hurt.”

Even beyond the most serious consequence of injury or death, poor safety practices can cause a wide range of problems.

“It could lead to business downtime, it could cost the company money,” he said. “And then, on the tail end, it could lead to issues of non-compliance because they don’t know the subject matter.”


Kendrick first encountered TurningPoint interactive polling software at a safety conference in 2006, and was intrigued by the possibilities it presented. He began by adding interactive questions to his PowerPoints in order to garner immediate feedback and gain a better understanding of whether or not participants were grasping the material.

“It’s fairly simple to integrate,” he said. “It’s another way to be able to get the participants engaged and to provide a knowledge check and a concept check.”

In addition, he has started using group competitions in his workshops to generate excitement with some good-natured rivalry among the participants.

“It’s fairly simple to integrate,” he said. “It’s another way to be able to get the participants engaged and to provide a knowledge check and a concept check.”

Skipper Kendrick
President of Kendrick Global Enterprises, LLC


According to Kendrick, over the past decade-plus he has consistently seen that people attending his classes and workshops are more interested and engaged as a result of TurningPoint.

“They love it,” he said of his training participants. “It’s made it a lot easier and it’s made it a lot more fun.”

TurningPoint also lets the participants gain insights into their own understanding of the material. This is especially useful in the sessions that prepare employees to pass certification tests. In fact, two recent clients let him know that 98 and 100 percent of their employees, respectively, who attended his sessions passed their exams on the first try.

“It gives them an idea of where they need to study, where they need to fill in the gaps and where preparation is required to become successful in that particular examination,” he said.

Kendrick plans to continue his use of TurningPoint in order to boost learning while keeping even the driest material fresh and interesting.

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