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Business Starter Kit

Our starter kit is a great way to experience the power of interactive polling firsthand. It includes the tools you need at an affordable, low price. We have two options available to accommodate various learning environments and scenarios.

QT2 and LCD starter kits priced at $1999 and $1599 only valid for U.S. corporate clients.

$1999 QT2 Starter Kit:

Our QT2 starter kit is designed to introduce users to the simplicity of TurningPoint polling software with our most advanced clicker that provides easy text input. The QT2 offers a full QWERTY keyboard for rich data collection. Presentation and test mode are available for diverse response options.

QT2 Device

$1599 RF LCD Starter Kit:

Our RF LCD starter kit is designed for users to take advantage of the simple polling capabilities of multiple choice or multiple response questions. The LCD screen displays response selected, channel setting and battery life.

ResponseCard LCD

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