LCD Clicker

This easy-to-use, lightweight response device allows participants to answer polling questions with a click of a button. The simple design supports added engagement and no learning curve for participants to begin responding.
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Easy, breezy participation!

Your participation options

Easily respond to real-time questions polled through PowerPoint® or over any application.

Your answer options

Respond to multiple-choice, matching, true/false and priority ranking questions.

Your confirmation options

Receive visual confirmation of response selected and received through LCD and LED indicators.

Designed to withstand maximum use.

Continuous learning

Up to 82 different sessions can be running at one time in close proximity without interference.

Receive every response

A 200-foot range ensures responses are collected from up to 1,000 participants in a single setting.

Made to last

Durable, rugged clicker enclosure and long-lasting battery ensure maximum longevity.

Simplicity at Its Best

The LCD’s minimal learning curve makes it easy to increase engagement, assess participants and collect valuable data.