eInstruction by Turning Technologies edtech solutions include assessment software, clicker systems, response apps and interactive whiteboards to create memorable educational experiences. Coupled with sound pedagogical theories, our products are proven to enhance effective instruction. We’ve designed solutions that will impact all elements of learning, from student confidence to test scores.

Driven by instructional goals, we offer complete, turnkey solutions to meet individual needs. Products adapt to all surroundings, regardless of current infrastructure or resources available. Achieve your collaborative classroom vision with solutions that pave the way for academic change.

Engage, Monitor, Measure

A simple, secure and reliable testing solution.

Gauge Student Progress with Leading Assessment Software

ExamView Software

Bundled with 11,000+ textbooks from over 65 leading publishers

ExamView is the foundation in which teachers, administrators and district leaders can measure and monitor student progress. Software provides a better way to create, administer and manage assessments. ExamView Assessment Suite is bundled with 11,000+ textbooks from over 65 leading publishers, so chances are it’s already in your classroom. Combine with ExamView Learning Series for 15,000+ standards’-aligned questions. NEW ExamView Cloud offers an online platform for test authoring and management with easy access to material in any location.

Use TitleTrack to search thousands of titles compatible with ExamView

Complete Engagement with Mobile Instructional Platform

Insight 360 Cloud

Insight 360 Cloud is a classroom instructional platform that combines the best of edtech with clickers, interactive whiteboards, mobile devices and existing or ExamView content together in one application to inspire creativity and collaboration. Leverage technology already in the classroom or invest in future tools. Teachers can use and customize the application to conduct activities, share and annotate on content, ask questions, run assessments and even view reports from anywhere in the room.

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ExamView testing Suite

Collect data at the
point of instruction for
real-time remediation

Data analysis, track performance

Conduct self-paced
testing for formative and
summative assessments

Cloud based platform

Track longitudinal
progress with reports
and integrations

Connect with Every Student with Mobile Initiatives

Insight 360 Student App

Place learning in the hands of students. Insight 360 Cloud Mobile Edition features the Student App, ideal for classrooms with BYOD policies, 1:1 initiatives or tablet carts. Android™, Chrome and iOS Student apps for tablets and Chromebooks support the ability to write, draw, annotate and respond to questions. Students can immediately assess their own understanding and engage in enhanced student-teacher interaction. Utilize advanced response capabilities for in-class activities or participate in self-paced tests.

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ResponseWare Icon 1

Constructed response
questions demonstrate
cognitive reasoning

ResponseWare Icon 2

Scratchpad available to
display student work while
eliminating paper

ResponseWare Icon 3

Ideal for STEM classes
with problem-solving


A simple, secure and reliable testing solution.

Eliminate testing concerns with a proven solution. TurningPoint Cloud interactive assessment software provides the platform to create and deliver self-paced benchmark, district and end-of-course exams.

Mobile Options to Accommodate All Environments


Enable the use of mobile devices for responding to TurningPoint questions with accompanying ResponseWare app. Android™ and iOS apps available.

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ResponseWare Devices
ResponseWare Icon 1

As digital natives, students respond
with familiar, everyday devices

ResponseWare Icon 2

Enables ALL question types include
short answer, essay and numeric

ResponseWare Icon 3

Use alongside clickers to support
a mixed device environment

Create Collaborative Classrooms

Interactive Whiteboard

Interactive Whiteboards

Allow students to express their creative side with interactive whiteboards, designed to connect students with meaningful activities. Write, diagram, manipulate and annotate over content. Mobile interactive whiteboard options provide teacher mobility during lessons.

Interactive Whiteboard

Allow groups to collaborate, interact
and contribute to lesson content

Handheld whiteboards

Handheld whiteboards provide mobile
options during lessons and activities

WorkSpace software

WorkSpace software powers
whiteboards with advanced tools

Gather Critical Student Feedback

Student Response Options

Handheld devices allow learners to quickly and easily respond to student response systems with intuitive options to accommodate all environments.

QT Device

QT Device

QT Device is our
full-featured response
device with a QWERTY


ResponseCard NXT

ResponseCard NXT is
compatible with ALL software
options and features
alphanumeric input.

ResponseCard NXT
ResponseCard Icon 1

Device options ensure all
individual needs and
environments are met

ResponseCard Icon 2

Options encourage both
formative and summative

ResponseCard Icon 3

Receive accurate, reliable and timely
responses with radio frequency
(RF) technology

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