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TurningPoint on laptop, mobile device and clickers

Discover TurningPoint web

This webinar will walk you through TurningPoint web for PowerPoint, non-PowerPoint polling options on the web and exciting new features like the ability to create scheduled surveys and assessments.

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Sherri Wall

Shake it up, Shake it down

Clickers can efficiently enable you to “flip” your classroom and also institute a team-based learning environment. Discover how to flip your class and use teams to engage in activities that are feasible because of the ease of collecting data with TurningPoint.

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Students, students, students!

For a new spin on the “old” technique, Dr. Hunte-Brown began using clickers for testing. Find out how this method satisfies the desires of the student of today and, as importantly, fits within the needs of the faculty.

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Taylor Sparks

Dull presentations are (still) evil

Boring presentations are unfortunately the norm, rather than the exception, in higher education. In this talk, Dr. Sparks describes how TurningPoint’s anywhere polling can be used to create more flexible and dynamic teaching environments.

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