Turning Technologies gets British Education Supplier Association's vote

Turning Technologies, creators of student response systems used by thousands of students in UK higher education, has achieved the ultimate accolade, accreditation from BESA, the British trade association for education suppliers. Headquartered in Belfast, roots firmly planted in the UK, Turning Technologies meets the stringent business criteria and BESA Code of Practice to ensure that higher education buyers have complete confidence in the goods and services they purchase.

According to Jisc, 32 percent of students report that technology provision played a major role when it came to deciding which university to attend. However, with technology spend coming in at anywhere between £2,000 and £5,000 per student each year, it is crucial that universities and higher educational institutions only source products from reputable suppliers.

“The BESA stamp of approval is proof that a business is sound, reliable and at the forefront of interactive learning” said Gary Morrison, vice president, International Division at Turning Technologies. “Turning Technologies invests significantly in the UK higher education market, and we believe it is crucial for customer service and confidence that we gain this accreditation. This industry stamp of approval is testament to our consistent business growth and commitment to teaching best practice for all UK learners.”

The BESA stamp of approval is proof that a business is sound, reliable and at the forefront of interactive learning.

Designed to enhance teaching and learning outcomes, the Turning Technologies’ solution enables educators to gauge student progress in real time, utilizing a range of handsets and mobile devices combined with its powerful TurningPoint polling software.

From small teaching rooms to full size lecture theaters, educators can use our technology to gather data on every student’s understanding throughout the learning process and even use the system to ask for student opinions on important issues. The core functionality allows instructors to pose a question to students while students respond with keypads or web-enabled mobile devices.

Already used by the University of SurreyNorthumbria University, London School of Economics, Kings College, Durham University, Exeter University, Oxford and many more, Turning Technologies has delivered over 20 million keypads to more than 100 countries to date.