TurningPoint supports “Europa” competition success

Towards the end of 2019 at the University of Madrid, an event organized by the European Transition Organisation used TurningPoint engagement software as part of the exciting “Europa” quiz to encourage engagement among attendees through gamification.

The “Europa” competition, was featured on a Spanish television channel that broadcast live to audiences worldwide and across Spanish news stations, aimed to enhance awareness of European culture and languages among students. The prestigious event welcomed up to 200 participants in person and online, who all took part in the interactive elements of the quiz. Features from TurningPoint polling software that were key to the event’s gaming experience included the scored points indicator, countdown timer and fastest responder.

Distinguished Educator Carlos Gonzalez Morcillo was part of the team from Furious Koalas, a spin-off organization from the University of Castilla La Mancha that developed the complete interactive game show solution for the day by merging their unique software with TurningPoint.

After the event he said, “The ‘Europa’ competition on European culture and languages was a success both technically and in person, experienced by all attendees at the event. The use of TurningPoint technology was key in facilitating the participation of the public, both in person and those who followed the contest by streaming online using their mobile phones. The ease of showing the rankings, assigning points for response speed and the implementation of the ‘audience’s lifeline,’ made us opt for this solution to conduct a contest in live television format. TurningPoint’s robustness gave us a lot of peace of mind when handling large volumes of participants regardless of their geographic location.”

After the event, the EU Commission awarded special prizes to the top 50 attendees who overall scored highest to celebrate their participation in the first “Europa” competition.

All that remains for the University of Madrid is to plan for a second edition of the “Europa” competition that will be as fun and engaging as the first and to hope that other universities follow suit with using TurningPoint interactive polling software in this clever way.