3 Polling app options for the classroom

In the constant pursuit of educational efficacy and participation, there are a number of tools at any educator’s disposal to solve pain points and make their pursuit a successful one. Our TurningPoint web platform offers multiple solutions in one tool.

With the use of TurningPoint, you can utilize up to three polling applications for the classroom that are proven to combat some of the most common hurdles—accountability and participation. TurningPoint web is a completely web-based platform that allows you to poll and save results and reports directly to your account, which is accessible anywhere with an internet connection.

Enforce accountability by taking attendance

With a click of a button you can now require participants check in to your class. When attendance is required and tracked, students hold themselves accountable, and you are able to monitor what day(s) and material they are missing. You can open and close attendance at any time during your class period—so instead of just monitoring whether they simply showed up, you can measure whether they stayed the entire class as well.

Coming to class is just one part of the equation. Did they participate when they were there? This can be measured with the use of TurningPoint web live polling.

Support in-class participation by creating and polling content on the web

Multiple question types allow you to offer diverse engagement options to your classroom. Asking multiple choice questions is a classic use of engagement software, but TurningPoint on the web allows you to display text only, for those times a question isn’t needed, or even a hotspot question where your participants interact with an image instead of answer choices. While the possibilities for in-class participation are numerous, reporting features also allow you to analyze comprehension.

Use the scheduling feature as an extension of your classroom to measure comprehension further

Gauge post-class comprehension with by scheduling surveys or assessments. Scheduling content to be completed post-class time is a great way to measure efficacy and comprehension. The scheduling tool allows you to survey and assess your class on the day’s lessons, report on those responses and adjust your material accordingly. The use of text-only content types also allows for further review of the subject matter if necessary.

Whether you want to incorporate one or all functions of the TurningPoint web platform, your classroom experience will be elevated to that of an interactive environment centered on efficacy and participation for students.

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