4 types of great polling questions to keep your audience engaged

When faced with facilitating a long presentation, we all worry about the same thing–how can I keep my audience engaged from start to finish? The answer: TurningPoint!

Not only can TurningPoint keep your audience engaged with questions scattered throughout your presentation, but it offers multiple question types to keep your audience sharp. Multiple question types allow you to “switch up” your method and enable your audience to interact with your presentation in different ways. The bonus? When all is said and done, you can view reports on the data you collected to measure how effective the presentation was at keeping your audience engaged.

Our recommendations for an engaging, effective presentation? Use a few different question types peppered throughout your presentation in order to limit boredom and pique curiosity from your participants.

Here are four great polling questions to keep your audience engaged:

1 Multiple Choice

This question type is a tried and true method of engagement. Multiple choice questions are the least intimidating question type as all of the answer choices are available. This takes the anxiety about getting the answer wrong down a level. Your participants can answer even if they have to take a wild guess.

TurningPoint allows for a question and up to 10 answer choices. You can even have more than one correct answer.

Pro Tip You can also use multiple choice questions to ask a true/false question.

2 Short Answer

Utilize this question type when you want to get specific. Short answer requires your participant know the material in order to answer, so it is great to add a few of these into your presentation to ensure your audience is paying attention. Too many multiple choice questions may get a participant thinking they can guess their way through, but a short answer question tests their knowledge and keeps them on their toes.

Pro Tip You do not need to enforce capitalization. If you do, it is best practice to let your participants know that their answer is case sensitive.

3 Numeric Response

Not only is numeric response a great question type for all things mathematical, it can be used for any question with a number association. For instance, you have a presentation about the space program. You have asked a few multiple choice questions and a short answer, but now you need to ensure your audience knows when the United States landed on the moon. Use a numeric response to avoid receiving an inaccurate description instead of an exact number.

Example   When did the United States land on the moon?

                  Short answer response answer: Apollo mission in the spring of 1969

                  Numeric response answer: 1969

Pro Tip Select Range in order to allow participants to respond using a number range (ex. 1969-1974)

4 Hotspot

The hotspot question is the latest and greatest in questions that keep your audience engaged. Who ISN’T playing with their phones most of the day? Throw a hotspot question in, and put those pointer fingers and thumbs to good use! This question type is best used for examples of safety issues, medical terminology and geographical content. You upload an image and set the correct answer area(s), and then instruct your participants to tap on the correct area(s) pertaining to your question. In keeping with our space program theme, you can add an image of our solar system and add a correct answer area around the planet Earth. Now ask, “Can you locate the planet Earth in this image?”

Pro Tip No need to limit yourself to one correct area on an image. You can designate two hotspots, and ask your audience to locate planet Earth and our moon.

Once you have assembled the perfect set of questions to embed in your presentation, you are sure to keep your audience engaged and participating at a higher level. Now, get out there and try these four best questions for your upcoming presentation! Don’t have a TurningPoint Subscription? Contact us today!