5 creative ways to utilize our scheduling feature

You may be familiar with TurningPoint’s live-polling capabilities, allowing you to collect real-time feedback during your presentations, but TurningPoint also offers the ability to gather valuable feedback at any time!

Our scheduled surveys and assessments feature opens the door to a variety of data collection opportunities! Whether you want to send out post-training/presentation evaluations or simply schedule a team lunch, TurningPoint can help!

Not sure where to start? Let us share five creative ways for implementing scheduling!

Post-training or presentation evaluations

Create a survey to send out to your attendees in order to gauge the training or presentation’s effectiveness. You can use the survey function to gather feedback on how well the materials were comprehended and gauge whether follow-up may be needed. Or maybe you simply want to engage with your attendees to improve success rates.

Helpful hint: A quick, multiple-choice survey is just what you need to accomplish this goal.

Our scheduled surveys and assessments feature opens the door to a variety of data collection opportunities!

Client check-in

Reach out to your clients for feedback with an easy-to-navigate survey tool! You can add a human touch to your surveys by asking questions about how they are using your product or service to their benefit. You can also solicit feedback on functionality or satisfaction. In a time where electronic communication is so prevalent, an online survey to clients and customers may be just what you need to get the feedback you want, quickly.

Helpful hint: Utilizing multiple choice questions as well as short answer is sure to diversify responses.

Team feedback

Have you ever tried to plan lunch for a large team? Decide on a holiday party theme? Or even where to host your company picnic? Do you typically get no answer or too many answers? Our survey tool can take the guess work out of planning! Simply send a survey out with a few popular options and there you have it—majority rules and the pressure is off!

You can also survey topics that are more sensitive in nature. The anonymous feature allows participants to provide honest answers knowing the responses cannot be tied to them.

Helpful hint: Setting the question options to anonymous make participants more comfortable in their responses.


Need ideas? Ask for them through an online questionnaire! More and more, companies find teams spread out across not only buildings, but geographical location as well. This can make brainstorming difficult, but TurningPoint can help bridge that gap. Our short answer allows for original ideas to be shared from your teammates. Or maybe you just need feedback on ideas that are already in motion? Our comment feature allows participants to select their preference and explain why.

Helpful hint: Allowing for comments gives participants the option to provide additional feedback they may have otherwise kept to themselves.

Employee engagement

Are your employees satisfied? Why not find out? Create a survey to measure satisfaction rates within your company, team, or training. TurningPoint’s scheduling feature provides a platform to ask multiple choice Likert questions or open-ended short answer questions to get the feedback you need to ensure you are providing a satisfying work environment for employees.

Helpful hint: Providing five scale-options for responses to Likert questions helps prevent apathetic responses.

Get started with online surveys now!

  1. Sign into TurningPoint web.
  2. Select Create Manual Course.
  3. Click View to enter the course.
  4. Create your content by selecting Add Question List.
  5. Click the Create drop-down arrow to select your content type.
  6. Add your content!
  7. Click Schedule at the top of the page.
  8. Enter schedule settings as appropriate.
  9. Click Create.
  10. Click Share to copy link for participants.