By Stephanie Naoum

Let’s face it—your students might be hesitant to use a new technology in the classroom. However, by incorporating a new technology, you are creating a more student-centered atmosphere, moving away from passive learning and moving towards an interactive, agile teaching approach.

Creating this type of culture cannot and will not happen overnight. The good news is that we are here to help! The below techniques will allow your students to see the value in classroom technology and help them use the new tools effectively for learning.

1. Describe How You Will Use TurningPoint

Let your students know exactly how you plan to incorporate the software into your lectures. Will you be taking attendance? Administering quizzes? Asking basic engagement questions? Inform your students of the intended functionality early in the semester to ensure there are no surprises.

2. Do a Practice Run

I’m sure you run through your lectures before class to refresh on the content. The same technique can be applied to TurningPoint. Deploy a practice run in your office by using our Simulated Polling feature, and use trivia questions with your students so they can practice responding to low-stakes questions. Both you and your students will start to feel comfortable with the technology, allowing you to incorporate it in more advanced ways.

3. Provide Consistent Usage

Consistent, repetitive usage is the only way to truly incorporate technology into your classroom culture. Your students will even start to expect polling questions!

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