By David Curl

Incorporating a demographic comparison slide into your TurningPoint presentation is a wonderful way to increase engagement and gain greater insight into learner understanding.

This simple feature lets you divide learners into various demographic groups based on characteristics like gender, age, job title or department. TurningPoint then displays results and creates reports that are filtered based on these demographic assignments.

What are some of the benefits of incorporating demographics?

Ensure presentations are effective for everyone

Gain an awareness of differences in perception, opinions and overall understanding of the material. This lets instructors make valuable modifications in order to meet every learner’s needs.

Play games!

A friendly competition between doctors and nurses in a hospital or between first- and second-year students in a chemistry class is just the thing to boost learning with increased engagement and motivation.

Make feedback more meaningful

A large company conducted an employee satisfaction survey with TurningPoint and asked employees to identify their department. To the leadership team’s surprise, it became clear that one specific department was unhappy. The company was then able to actually address those problems, instead of being lulled by the overall positive responses from the majority of employees.

Inserting a demographic slide into your TurningPoint presentation is as easy as creating any other multiple-choice slide. Just follow these steps:

  1. Select the TurningPoint ribbon at the top of PowerPoint
  2. Select “New” in the top left corner
  3. Pick Demographic Assignment
  4. Type in your demographic question
  5. Type in your demographics
Screenshot showing how to insert a demographic slide in TurningPoint