Enhance learning with videos and more

Sometimes, a quick video demonstrates a concept better than a thousand words of text. That’s why TurningPoint web includes an HTML editor that lets instructors add video and more to their web polling sessions. These are perfect for live polling, as well as scheduled homework and training sessions that learners can complete in their own time.

Add an image or video

Include images or embed videos from YouTube and Vimeo. Then, create a few interactive question slides to check comprehension.

Ask questions with style

The HTML editor offers the ability to make your text stylish and clear. Use bullet points, adjust paragraph styles, change text color, insert special characters and more!

Include links

Need learners to visit a website for some additional information? Include a link right in your presentation. This is especially useful for outside-of-class assignments and trainings.

Create a table

Enhance questions with a custom table to showcase data and other information in a way that is easy for learners to understand.

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