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TurningPoint slides for anti-harassment, anti-discrimination training
Female office worker pointing towards a screen in front of group of coworkers

Workplace harassment and discrimination can lead to a toxic company culture. Proper training and education about what these terms mean, what company policies are in place and how to report violations are vital to ensuring that your employees can work in an environment free from this kind of behavior.

Of course, that is easier said than done. Many people dread mandatory trainings focused on these topics both because they are difficult subjects to discuss and because the trainings themselves can easily become boring policy recitations. Employees often wind up tuning out, no matter how important the information.

TurningPoint is one way to break down these barriers and get employees engaged, even if they are uncomfortable or think they have heard it all before. It can also help to enhance learning and give you instant insight into employee understanding.

This specially created, and easily customizable, PowerPoint presentation includes:

  • TurningPoint slides to help engage your employees and improve learning
  • Definitions of important terms related to harassment and discrimination in the workplace
  • Information about relevant laws
  • Suggested questions to encourage discussion
  • Slides where you can address company policy and reporting procedures