How the University of Artois uses TurningPoint to gamify learning

Recently, at the University of Artois in France, the Jean Perrin Faculty of Sciences used Turning Technologies interactive polling software, TurningPoint, to gamify learning and enhance engagement among degree students. The University used TurningPoint to incorporate gamification into their lectures by creating a quiz called “The Unserious Game,” which imitates styles from the popular TV shows “What do I really know?” and “Burger Quiz.”

Towards the end of the semester, after notes had been taken and exams completed, students arrived at lecture theater S25 in the Jean Perrin Faculty of Sciences where the room looked strikingly more like a TV set than where knowledge is usually imparted. In order for students to be able to participate in “The Unserious Game,” they had to register with a special course through their LMS online platform, Moodle, which seamlessly integrates with TurningPoint.

Students were grouped by color into their different degree disciplines and equipped with Turning Technologies clickers. They participated in “The Unserious Game” for two hours by answering random multiple choice questions. General knowledge questions such as “What is the name of the President of the University of Artois?”, “What does “taekwondo” mean in Korean?” and “What was once housed in building B of the Jean Perrin Faculty of Sciences?” were a few that appeared in the two-hour fun-filled session.

“The Unserious Game” was led by two professors of the faculty, including the director of the faculty and the president of the University of Artois. To hold such an event, all the skills of the staff and lecturers of the faculty were brought together to offer a relaxing and engaging afternoon for the students. Furthermore, to top it all off, there was an iPad to win for the student with the most points. After a fierce fight this year, Quentin Dmytrow, a physics and chemistry student, won the big prize.

All that remains for the Jean Perrin Faculty of Sciences is to plan for the second edition of “The Unserious Game” that will be as much fun and engaging as the first and to hope that other faculties follow suit with using TurningPoint interactive polling software in this clever way. Who knows, maybe an inter-faculty grand finale at the University of Artois could be next?

To watch ‘The Unserious Game’ in action CLICK HERE.