Keeping students engaged through finals week

By Stephanie Adams, Client Success Manager

Toward the end of the semester, students tend to check out mentally. Can we blame them? They have worked hard for several months, and summer break is just around the corner. I, myself, can still remember the feelings of panic and stress as April came around.

To help combat this end-of-year fatigue, I have put together a few strategies to keep your students engaged and motivated right through finals week.

Continue using TurningPoint questions

Students may end up passively listening to your lectures at this point in the semester. As much as I tried not to, I often found myself in cruise control during the final weeks. To help students avoid this, continue using TurningPoint questions to keep their attention and to review content from the semester. Start class with trivia questions to gain their attention and open their minds for learning, or end class with some review questions to help them gauge their own understanding of the content.

Adjust office hours

Students will begin to panic about their grades, whether they are currently receiving an A or not! They will soon begin to calculate what they must get on the final exam to still get the final grade they want.

When I was in school, I often found myself studying or cramming during my instructor’s typical office hours. Oftentimes, their office hours were already booked with other students asking last-minute questions as well. Reinforce all the ways your students can contact you and, if you can, add some additional office hours during the final weeks of class.

Provide study materials

TurningPoint’s Results by Participant report can easily show each student how they answered each question throughout the semester. Adjusting the option within the report, you can choose to show their answer, the correct answer and even all of the answer options. With just a few clicks, you have provided your students with a great study guide.

Ask for help

I’m sure you tell your students this same thing, therefore, I am telling you! Reach out to our Client Success Team with any questions you have. We will be ready and waiting to assist you in getting your final grades uploaded, reports printed or student grades adjusted.