Learning resources for modern classroom teaching

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Technology is an integral part of education, more so today than ever before. As a result, learners and many employees want and expect it to be incorporated into their lessons and training sessions.

Of course, countless learning solutions have stepped in to fill that need. It’s important to make sure your educational technology works as a tool to enhance learning, rather than just being another distractions.

Here are some learning resources for modern classroom teaching

Technology should function as a support for you and your learners, not the other way around. This means that, instead of shaping lessons to cater to a particular classroom gizmo, core learning objectives take center stage with technology as just another means of boosting engagement, access and understanding.

Another thing to consider is ease of use. No matter how theoretically great a certain piece of technology could be, neither the instructor nor the learners will bother to use it if it is too complicated or difficult to understand.

Even the best edtech is nothing more than an unnecessary bauble if it is not thoughtfully integrated as an important part of the lesson.

TurningPoint interactive polling is designed to fulfill these objectives while meeting the needs of the modern learner. Here are some ideas for how you can leverage our learning solutions as a valuable tool to make your classes and trainings better than ever.

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Flip your classroom

With the flipped classroom model, learners get their first exposure to materials and concepts prior to class in order to focus in-class time on higher-level cognitive activities. TurningPoint makes it easy to ensure learners have done the pre-class work with interactive questions to check understanding. Some instructors even assign point values to these questions in order to further motivate preparation.

In addition, you can also incorporate interactive homework assignments and short quizzes for learners to complete outside of class with TurningPoint’s scheduling feature.

Personalize student learning

Every learner has different needs. The same can be said for every class. TurningPoint’s immediate feedback gives you the ability to evaluate knowledge and modify lessons in the moment in order to spend more time on challenging subjects while breezing through topics that they understand right away.

In addition, detailed TurningPoint reports let you pinpoint which individual learners are struggling well before a mid-term or other high-stakes evaluation. With this information available at your fingertips, learners can get the help they need before it is too late.

Play games in the classroom

Competitions are a great way to improve learning, while getting everyone involved and excited about even the driest subject matter. TurningPoint features like team and participant score boards, fastest responder, team MVP and wager slides are easy additions to any presentation and help to create a challenging and competitive learning environment.

Assess knowledge with ease

Regular assessments for learning have been shown to improve performance. TurningPoint makes it feasible to have these frequent knowledge checks regardless of class size. Instant grading and a wide variety of question types – including multiple choice, true/false, numerical response and short answer – likewise lets you easily administer high-stakes exams in a way that is more efficient and versatile than traditional bubble sheets.

Students in class using the TurningPoint app on their phones

Embrace Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)...

All TurningPoint subscriptions come with the ability for learners to respond to interactive questions with any web-enabled device, including cell phones, tablets and computers. This helps to turn technology that could be a distraction into meaningful learning solutions instead.

...Or enjoy our easy-to-use clickers

Although we have robust mobile responding capabilities, some situations still call for a hardware clicker. Whether you have limited Wi-Fi or you simply prefer not to have phones out during lessons, our range of affordable clickers are available to meet your needs. If you don’t have a preference, clickers and mobile can easily function side-by-side, giving your learners the ability to choose what is best for them.

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