Safety training with TurningPoint

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Getting started with TurningPoint in your safety training has never been easier. We have 75 PowerPoint® presentations with interactive TurningPoint slides already built in! In addition, each presentation comes packaged with testing content and answer keys.

These customizable presentations, created in collaboration with Consolidated Digital Publishing, Inc., are perfect for ensuring a safe workplace, while the addition of TurningPoint makes it easy to engage employees, track performance and turn even mandatory trainings into enjoyable learning experiences.

Get the complete set of testing content for only $900!

Choose the package and individual presentations that best meet your needs.

  • 10 presentations for $400
  • 30 presentations for $650
  • 75 presentations for $900
  • 75 presentations bundled with a 30-seat LCD starter kit for $2,399

Starter kit includes:

  • TurningPoint 1-year, 30-Seat License
  • 30 LCD Devices
  • 1 Receiver
  • 1 Carrying Case

Access a free sample presentation today!  Download Emergency Planning »

Full list of presentations

Access to Medical Records
Accident Investigation
Aerial Lifts
Arc Flash Hazards Awareness NFPA 70E
Back Safety
Basic Company Policies
Behavioral Based Safety Basics
Blood Borne Pathogens
Chemical Safety
Chemical Storage
Cold Weather
Confined Space
Conflict Resolutions
Crane Safety
Driving Safety
Driving Skills
Drug & Alcohol – Employee Supervisor

Electrical Safety – Unqualified
Elevated Walking and Working
Emergency Response Plan
Environmental Awareness
Eye Safety
Fall Prevention
Fire Prevention and Safety
First Aid
Flammables Combustibles
Forklift – Classroom
GHS Globally Harmonized System
Hand and Power Tools
Hand, Wrist & Finger
Hazard Recognition
HAZCOM Your Right to Know

HazWoper Awareness
Hearing Conservation
Heat Stress
Hot Work
Hydrogen Sulfide
Introduction to OSHA
Land Transportation
Lockout Tagout
Machine Guards
Materials Handling
Near Miss
New Employee Safety Orientation
Occupational Health
Office Safety
Pinch Points
Portable Fire Extinguishers

Portable Tools
Powered Platforms
PPE and You Personal Protective Equipment
Respiratory Safety
Root Cause
Safety Attitudes & Actions
Safety and Health Programs
Safety Housekeeping
Slips Trips Falls
Stairs and Ladders
Trenching Excavating Shoring
Walking Working Surfaces
Warehouse Safety
Welding & Brazing
Workplace Violence