Safety training with TurningPoint

Man and woman in hard hats looking at a tablet

Getting started with TurningPoint in your safety training has never been easier. We have more than 200+ PowerPoint® presentations with interactive TurningPoint slides already built in! In addition, each presentation comes packaged with testing content and answer keys.

Subjects include:

  • Fire prevention and safety
  • Introduction to OSHA
  • Lockout Tagout
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Fall Prevention
  • Much more!

These customizable presentations, created in collaboration with Consolidated Digital Publishing, Inc., are perfect for ensuring a safe workplace, while the addition of TurningPoint makes it easy to engage employees, track performance and turn even mandatory trainings into enjoyable learning experiences.

Access our 18 free sample presentations today! Love what you see? Contact us to purchase the complete set.

Already have safety presentations that you love? We will help convert your content into interactive TurningPoint presentations.