Self-paced polling:

What you need to know

Formative and summative assessments are essential to evaluating knowledge and measuring learning, but can be challenging to administer and grade. TurningPoint self-paced polling offers a simple solution to instructors that reduces the burdens that come with paper or bubble-sheet quizzes and exams, while also providing the flexibility to ask a wide range of question types.

Grade quizzes, mid-terms and final exams instantly

Students and instructors see results the moment a student submits his or her answers.

Easily administer short quizzes at any time

Instant results make it possible to administer regular formative assessments, even in large classes, since instructors do not have to set aside time to hand grade or distribute, collect and scan bubble sheets.

Encourage lively in-class discussions

Formative assessments given at the beginning or middle of class are a great way to prompt questions and conversations about the topic at hand.

Prioritize data security

FERPA-compliant software ensures student response data is secure.

Go beyond multiple choice

Self-paced polling question types include multiple choice, short answer, numeric response, true/false, matching, essay, demographic assignment and priority ranking.

“The student response clickers are the things that enable me to engage in daily testing and active learning in significant measure. The objective is to get a more effective learning experience for the students so the students do better.”

Dr David Perry
Professor of Chemistry, University of Akron

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