A phrase we’ve all heard in our lives. It’s meant to put us at ease to ask a question in front of our peers without feeling judged or belittled. In fact, the person seeking information may be doing a service to those around them unwilling to speak up. How do we become comfortable enough to ask a question? With TurningPoint interactive polling software, a person can ask or respond to sensitive questions anonymously during difficult or controversial discussions.

TurningPoint provides the platform to engage with learners, whether it’s in the classroom or training room. When creating polling questions, you should have specific objectives in mind for what you would like to accomplish. Establishing a goal will help you create effective questions, as well as provide you with data that will help enhance your class. Once you have outlined your objectives, you can create effective questions and adapt your lecture to accomplish that objective.

Common objectives to consider:

  • Modify lectures on-the-fly based on class responses
  • Improve lecture style based on analyzing data collected In class
  • Recognize students’ misconceptions or preconceptions
  • Encourage attendance, participation and discussion
  • Extract and discuss diverse points of view in controversial subjects
  • Review, offer feedback and identify areas of difficulty in the curriculum
  • Evaluate mastery of content: remembering facts, terms, concepts, definitions and principles
  • Judge students’ ability to apply concepts or principles
  • Observe students’ ability to analyze and break down the material
  • Encourage students to synthesize material, producing something new or original from component parts