TurningPoint for small businesses and entrepreneurs

Although today we are a global company, Turning Technologies began as a tiny start-up with just three employees housed in a room at the Youngstown Business Incubator. These humble beginnings mean that not only do we understand the challenges that small businesses face, but also that TurningPoint is uniquely suited to meeting their needs.

Customer surveys

TurningPoint’s online survey capabilities allow you to reach out to current and potential customers as often as you want. This could take the form of asking about the company’s roadmap and future plans, or crafting questions to determine what customers like about your offerings and what they do not. That’s not to mention the possibility of using the survey tool to include customers in fun activities, like when we asked TurningPoint users to guess the Oscar winners in this year’s race.

Creating TurningPoint surveys – with diverse question types including multiple choice, short answer, numeric response and hotspot – is a simple process, and results are easy to organize and review. Courses let you organize your surveys so that you can quickly and easily find the data you want. Further, reports are available by session, question or participant, with results pushed to a learning management system or exported as Excel files to store anywhere you choose.

Employee feedback

Just because the company’s small, doesn’t mean everyone is comfortable sharing their concerns and ideas with the boss. Listening to your employees while maintaining open lines of communication is essential to nurturing a positive company culture. The challenge, of course, is making sure that you are hearing from everybody, not just the most outspoken.

Sending out an anonymous survey to employees shows that you value their input, both positive and negative. This helps to build trust, improve employee retention and catch any simmering problems before they boil over. Further, surveying employees for suggestions on improving products, services, or even how the company is run opens the door to continuous improvement rather than stagnation.

Small-group meetings

There is a common misconception that response technology is only valuable in large meetings and events. While large-group settings certainly benefit from the inclusion of interactive polling questions, so do meetings with only a handful of people.

During a brainstorming session, for instance, TurningPoint can help to clarify and organize ideas with a quick vote. Likewise, presenters can ask questions throughout in order to get discussions going, determine where everybody stands or prevent minds from wandering.

HR trainings

Whether or not your company has a full-fledged human resources department, there are some HR functions that cannot be avoided. New-employee orientation, for example, is important for building a solid foundation that gets everyone started on the right foot. Likewise, anti-harassment and anti-discrimination training is a cornerstone of any welcoming workplace. In some companies, safety training is yet another important piece of the puzzle.

Inserting interactive TurningPoint questions throughout these trainings allows instructors to gauge participants’ knowledge and reinforces learning. Further, TurningPoint surveys allow for the administration of pre- and post-assessments in order to measure individual employee achievement and evaluate the effectiveness of the training as a whole.

TurningPoint options for you

As a small business, there are many opportunities to incorporate Want to learn about our offerings? Just contact our sales representatives for assistance.