Using audience response systems to train 21st century medical students

Pablo Collado, managing director of Red Square Audiovisuales, first began using Turning Technologies audience response technology back in 2009. Having started his own company in 2013, Pablo decided to bring TurningPoint, Turning Technologies’ interactive response solution, along with him on his new venture.

Over the past six years, Red Square Audiovisuales have mainly used TurningPoint for hosting corporate training events and conferences on behalf of other organizations across Spain, such as the Spanish Medical Society, Sociedad Española de Reumatología, or large global pharmaceutical companies.

“Here at Red Square Audiovisuales we have found TurningPoint to be extremely beneficial for enhancing audience engagement and understanding at medical training events. The Medical Societies would supply us with the content they would like to be presented to the participants on screen at the conference, and we would support them by creating each medical training presentation with TurningPoint, also ensuring interactivity ran smoothly throughout each day,” said Collado.

Using the Turning Technologies LCD clickers, audiences ranging in size from 50 to 400 people per event participated by voicing their opinion, sometimes anonymously, through in-group discussions, competition-based slides and multiple-choice questions. Recently, Pablo and his colleagues at Red Square Audiovisuales have incorporated gamification as a way to engage medical students by creating a Trivial Pursuit competition for the conferences hosted on behalf of the Spanish Medical Society.

Here at Red Square Audiovisuales we have found TurningPoint to be extremely beneficial for enhancing audience engagement and understanding at medical training events.

Collado further added, “These events are attended by those who have lately completed their medical degrees and who now have to spend a further five years undertaking medical training practice with the aid of professionals. Being able to add a gamification element to the conference presentations with TurningPoint has definitely had a positive impact on the level of understanding and engagement. We have recently created a ‘Game of Thrones’ based battle game where participants debate on a particular medical subject and then it is left to the audience to decide who wins using TurningPoint.”

Additionally, with Callado and the team assigning a clicker to each participant at the start of the event, the medical professionals can then refer to the automatically generated TurningPoint reports to see how well each attendee is learning based on their individual activity in the sessions. Usually, at the end of each conference presentation, Red Square Audiovisuales would make use of a TurningPoint feature known as “comparative links.” This feature would then enable them to provide the Medical Society with different kinds of data to assess afterwards, which would illustrate what participants have learnt by the end of the training session in comparison to what they knew at the beginning.

“We are happy that our technology is being used in such an interesting and innovative way. It is a constant source of amazement to see how response technology can enhance audience engagement in the context of complex topics being presented,” said Gary Morrison, head of the International Division of Turning Technologies.