Breaking down the virtual wall

Keeping our audience engaged and connected has been more challenging than ever given the current pandemic. Individuals find themselves in environments which are not always conducive to focus and concentration. Couple this with the “virtual wall” created by the necessity of the health crisis, and engagement becomes exponentially more difficult.

This webinar will discuss a variety of techniques used to keep any audience actively engaged and learning using interactive questions in conjunction with multi-media, exercises, competition and more. This discussion will explore the methods used and provide insight into how to implement the ideas.

Sydney Beckman, Professor of Law
Duncan School of Law, Lincoln Memorial University

Professor Sydney Beckman has served as a University Vice President, Law School Dean, Associate Dean and Professor of Law. Before joining the Duncan School of Law at Lincoln Memorial University, he was a faculty member at the Charleston School of Law and an adjunct professor at Texas Wesleyan University School of Law. He has lectured throughout the United States and Canada on the effective use of technology in the classroom, and on the use of interactive technology at both the undergraduate and professional levels in a variety of disciplines including law, medicine, dentistry and others. Professor Beckman is an expert on the effective use of this technology for effective assessment and engagement in the classroom. He has published numerous books and papers in areas which include evidence, intellectual property and domestic relations.