Combining self-assessment and peer instruction to measure student learning and confidence gains

As an increasing body of research supports the benefits of active learning strategies, more instructors than ever are integrating them into their classrooms. In this webinar, Associate Professor of Macroeconomics Fabio Aricò will share how he uses technology to implement self-assessment and peer instruction in his own classes. He will also delve into how these techniques have proven to be valuable tools for measuring and improving confidence and learning gains among his students.

Detailed abstract:

In this webinar, I will outline the principles of an active learning pedagogy blending self-assessment and peer instruction to simultaneously develop students’ cognitive and meta-cognitive skills. The first part of the webinar will demonstrate how the pedagogy was successfully implemented in a large-class Introductory Macroeconomics module at the University of East Anglia by using TurningPoint.

The second part, will describe the operationalization of my definition of learning gain and confidence gain in the classroom. The learning gain measure identifies how effectively students can support and learn from each other through peer discussion. The confidence gain measure quantifies students’ perceived improvement in their skills and abilities through self-assessment. As the higher education sector becomes progressively more metric-focused, I will conclude that my pedagogical approach and its evaluation method tackle the very core of the learning process, and represent useful tools to evidence student learning in an active learning environment.

Dr Fabio R Aricò
School of Economics – University of East Anglia

Fabio Aricò is an associate professor in Macroeconomics and he is the director of Learning, Teaching, and Quality at the School of Economics of the University of East Anglia (UEA). He holds an MSc and PhD in Economics from the University of Warwick and he has collaborated with Turning Technologies as a Distinguished Educator since 2015. Fabio’s research interests focus on Higher Education Policy and Practice, and include widening access, technology-enhanced learning, pluralism in economic education, and student self-efficacy.

As Learning Gain Project Lead at UEA, Fabio contributed to source national funding to develop innovative pedagogies that were rolled over different schools and disciplines. Fabio monitored data collection and developed data analysis strategy. He is now engaged in the dissemination of his practice and results both nationally and internationally, as well as consultancy to an increasing number of organizations. Fabio was awarded a prestigious National Teaching Fellowship by the Higher Education Academy in 2017 for his work on student confidence and learning gain.