Digital Diversity Dialogues


Sparking discussion on ethical dilemmas, decreasing stereotyping in the workplace, soliciting citizen input on a reduced city government budget – TurningPoint helps to facilitate difficult conversations in most any setting. This webinar will highlight Dr. Jana’s real-world experiences as a diversity and inclusion consultant who uses interactive response technology to help workplaces and communities have productive conversations about controversial subjects. Expect to learn strategies to employ, pitfalls to avoid, as well as inspiration to embrace the challenging conversations in your professional life.


Dr. Tiffany Jana has helped orchestrate her firm’s tremendous growth over the past 13 years. This includes leading the merger of three companies that resulted in the launch of TMI Consulting in 2010. She subsequently established a national network of consultants and spearheaded the company’s transition into the world’s first Certified Benefit Corporation with a diversity and engagement focus. Dr. Jana has positioned TMI Consulting as a global leader in values-based social enterprise, values-based engagement.

As the CEO of TMI’s Portfolio of companies, Dr. Jana oversees the development of the firm’s strategies, client relationships, and people. Dr. Jana also serves as a strategic advisor on client engagements, and has deep expertise in diversity and inclusion, marketing, leadership, and stakeholder engagement. Dr. Jana’s vision is to help clients optimize their workplace and community environments based on stated values.

Dr. Jana is the proud mother of three children, a quirky VCU computer science major, a charismatic Harvard economics major, and a musically gifted middle schooler.

Dr. Tiffany Jana standing outside smiling

Dr. Tiffany Jana, DM

Chief Executive Officer