Mandatory sexual harassment training – Meeting state interactive requirements

Woman calling on employee in group meeting

New York and California have implemented mandatory sexual harassment training and provided excellent resources to help companies comply. However, the training “must be interactive,” a requirement that is not met by these stand-alone resources.

In this webinar, we will review fully compliant, interactive PowerPoint decks that any company, no matter the state, could plug and play into their anti-harassment and anti-discrimination training. The content is fully scripted and meets ALL state requirements.

You will also get insights into the following topics:

  • Where and when you should customize for your particular organization or industry
  • Incorporating interactive questions
  • Saving an electronic report to verify participation


Katy Grubbs is the Manager of Employee Success at Turning Technologies where she supports her internal clients as an organizational coach, helping each employee develop their leadership skills. She helps employees improve their skill sets by facilitating, coaching and training them on product, process and emotional intelligence, so that they can become more efficient with their time, more productive in their role and overall a happier, more confident corporate citizen.