Strategic approaches to PowerPoint polling

Student using TurningPoint in class to respond to PowerPoint questions

TurningPoint offers a wide variety of question types to choose from for classroom polling. The type of polling question that you use may depend on the content you are teaching and the learning objectives of the lecture. For example, polling questions can be used to introduce topics, share ideas amongst students and review material. Each classification of questions plays a role in student engagement during presentations. The question type and the placement of the question can heavily influence the flow of the presentation.

In this webinar, Assistant Lecturer Andrew Misko will outline strategies that he uses for selecting question types as well as determining their placement in a PowerPoint presentation. He will also provide examples of how he uses these questions in the classroom.

This webinar will cover the following topics:

  • Strategic approaches for question selection
  • Determining where to place questions in the PowerPoint (Beginning vs Middle vs End)
  • Reviewing a range of different question types and how they can be implemented in a PowerPoint presentation
Portrait of Andrew Misko


University of Toledo Assistant Lecturer Andrew Misko is a huge advocate for using technology in the classroom. Andrew has been using TurningPoint in his Introduction to Exercise Science course for the past three years.