Using electronic voting systems creatively in the Arts and Humanities

In this webinar, Senior Lecturer in Music at the University of Surrey Dr. Christopher Wiley will discuss valuable strategies for using electronic voting systems in higher education, with a focus on their use in the arts and humanities, where they are less frequently encountered in relation to the STEMM and business disciplines.

Drawing on his academic practice as a music lecturer who has used TurningPoint response technology for over ten years, he explores a range of possible applications that seek to go beyond the standard right-or-wrong multiple choice question in creative ways. These include soliciting audience opinion to stimulate arguments for and against a given motion, gamification and team learning, and using advanced features of the software such as demographic comparison, Likert scales, word clouds, and comparing opinions solicited at different points during the same lecture.

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Dr. Christopher Wiley is Senior Lecturer in Music at the University of Surrey in the United Kingdom. His teaching focuses on topics including classical music, popular music and musical theater. Dr. Wiley has presented papers at education conferences across Europe and delivered learning and teaching workshops at many UK universities. He is the author of Using Electronic Voting Systems in the Arts and Humanities, a report published in 2015 by the Higher Education Academy, as well as articles on education in the journals Studies in Educational Evaluation (2019), Arts & Humanities in Higher Education (2018), and The International Journal of Assessment and Evaluation (2014). He became an International Distinguished Educator with Turning Technologies in 2012, a National Teaching Fellow in 2013 and a Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy in 2017.