YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (Nov. 7, 2016) – Classroom dreams will soon become a reality for thousands of students across Northeast Ohio. Turning Foundation, a not-for-profit arm of Turning Technologies along with The Raymond John Wean Foundation and Eastern Ohio Education Partnership, announced recipients of this year’s Innovative Teacher Mini Grants. Across Ashtabula, Columbiana, Mahoning and Trumbull counties, 17 teachers were awarded up to $5,000 each for sharing new and creative classroom practices supporting 21st century teaching and learning.

2016 Innovative Mini Grant Recipients:

  • Linda Holler – Saint John School – Ashtabula/Catholic Diocese
  • Tracy Archuleta – Jefferson Senior High School – Jefferson Local
  • Sarah Lowe – Beaver Local Middle School – Beaver Local
  • Michelle Rhodes – Beaver Local Elementary and High School – Beaver Local
  • Kathy Bennett – Crestview High School – Crestview Local
  • Mark Robinson – Youngstown Early College – Youngstown City
  • Stephanie Greathouse – Chaney STEM & VPA – Youngstown City
  • Jordan Moxley – Maplewood High School – Maplewood Local
  • Jill Redmond – McGuffey PK-8 – Warren City
  • Dave Nelson – McGuffey PK-8 – Warren City
  • Brianna Cohen – Jefferson PK-8 – Warren City
  • Marian Mihas – Jefferson PK-8 – Warren City
  • Alexis Williams – Jefferson PK-8 – Warren City
  • Carole Goffus – Willard PK-8 – Warren City
  • Heather Eich – McGuffey PK-8 – Warren City
  • Eugene Mach II – Warren G. Harding High School – Warren City
  • Patricia Fisher – Warren City Schools

A total of $52,096 in cash awards will impact more than 6,200 students in classrooms throughout the region. “I’m passionate about education and to read the many thoughtful and innovative ways of incorporating technology in the classroom was incredible,” stated John Wilson, director of the Turning Foundation. “I applaud the teachers who participated and put such energy and effort into supporting and sharing their classroom dreams.”

The challenge at hand involved sharing creative ideas, but remaining realistic on being able to implement them in the classroom today. Projects included the use of a 3D printer to combine postsecondary/career readiness with math, technology and creativity, utilizing a makerspace to help students research and experiment with different career fields and incorporating coding to solve real problems.

Grant awards ranged from $2,000 for individual teachers to $5,000 for larger collaboration efforts involving multiple educators and community partners. “During the transition of combining the Neighborhood SUCCESS School Grants and the Innovative Teacher Mini Grants, our teachers didn’t miss a beat.” said Jennifer Roller, president of The Raymond John Wean Foundation. “The program begot just what we intended – innovative grants, new partnerships and an alignment of strategies. I’m excited about the possibilities of what these projects will produce.”

About Turning Foundation:
Turning Technologies, a global leader in learning engagement and assessment services, established the Turning Foundation in 2009 as a separate non-profit 501(c)3 organization. The mission of the foundation is to seek, secure and distribute resources in support of improving educational opportunities and student achievement in PK-16 settings and enhancing community well-being. The foundation supports efforts in the greater Mahoning Valley to enhance and improve education for all and with supports also directed toward the community in general. Turning Foundation also works to connect efforts locally to a broader national education and community agenda. We hope to help facilitate the connections between education and community well-being, here in the greater Mahoning Valley and nationally.