YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (March 28, 2017) – Enthusiasm is building as final preparations get underway for Rockport’s town meeting. Residents attending the April 1st event will be the first to use handheld clickers known as audience response devices to vote on public matters and share feedback with town leaders. The shift to including interactive polling technology could have big implications on the accessibility of information and enhance communication between Rockport and its residents.

Turning Technologies, a leading educational technology company, will provide Rockport with the clickers. Attendees can participate by responding to interactive questions presented to them through TurningPoint polling software. By pressing a button in correspondence with a question, town leaders can see real-time results and know instantly how people voted or feel about a particular topic. Rather than going about a show of hands, this format saves time on voting procedures and puts more attention on the issues at hand.

“There’s a dynamic that comes with social interaction in which the public can meet directly with their elected officials,” said Chuck Reigrut, vice president of Corporate and Government Sales at Turning Technologies. “Audience response technology provides that opportunity and gives everyone a voice to be heard in real time.”

While new to Rockport, citizens throughout the state, including the Massachusetts Senate, have come to rely on audience response clickers for voting. In Belmont, traditional meeting practices underwent a transformation. The inclusion of voting created new opportunities that would have not been possible beforehand. “After incorporating response clickers, we have seen Town Meeting Members reinvigorated and confident,” stated Belmont Town Clerk Ellen O’Brien. “Time is spent on questions and the answers instead of the mechanics of counting votes.” As a result, the town uses response devices at every one of their meetings.

About Turning Technologies:

Turning Technologies is the global leader for learning engagement and assessment solutions. Founded in 2002 in Youngstown, Ohio, Turning Technologies began with the development of response technology that was affordable and user-friendly. Today, over 20 million Turning Technologies response devices have been delivered to K-12 schools, universities and businesses worldwide. Information on Turning Technologies can be found at Follow @TurningTech.