YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (Sept. 13, 2016) – Turning Foundation, a not-for-profit arm of Turning Technologies, announced today a new round of Innovative Teacher Mini-Grants for fall 2016. In collaboration with The Raymond John Wean Foundation, nearly $50,000 in grant awards will be available to fund PK-12 classroom projects in the four-county area including Ashtabula, Columbiana, Mahoning and Trumbull counties in Northeast Ohio. The grant opportunity promotes creative and innovative classroom practices that support 21st century teaching and learning.

“We get to witness dreams and visionary ideas come to life by giving teachers the opportunity to explore and share ‘outside the box’ classroom designs,” stated John Wilson, Director of the Turning Foundation. “We are excited to partner with The Raymond John Wean Foundation in support of collaborative efforts to improve student outcomes.”

The Turning Foundation is once again teaming up with the Eastern Ohio Education PartnershipThe EOEP is a network of community leaders representing education, faith-based, nonprofit, philanthropic and social sectors dedicated to providing children across the region with a quality education. Through the partnership, Turning Foundations’ Innovative Teacher Mini-Grant will ask educators to align grant efforts with EOEP’s four established goal areas:

  • Kindergarten Readiness
  • 3rd Grade Reading Proficiency
  • 8th Grade Math Proficiency
  • Postsecondary/Career Readiness
“The Raymond John Wean Foundation has built a reputation of engaging residents, fostering leadership development and strengthening connections. The Turning Foundation brings to the work a promotion of innovative practice that is replicable and creativity in impacting student outcomes. Both incentivize partnerships and collaboration. After years of steady growth,” said Jennifer Roller, president of The Raymond John Wean Foundation, “together the two foundations are well-positioned to expand the Innovative Teacher Mini-Grant program to achieve maximum impact and success.”

New to the grant process is a focus on the 4th year Ohio Resident Educator Program that provides assistance and mentoring for new teachers across the state. The Innovative Teacher Mini-Grant will offer educators in the program the chance to engage in leadership opportunities, supporting potential activities and projects they may undertake to complete requirements with the Ohio Department of Education.

Grant awards range from $2,000 for individual teachers to $5,000 for larger collaboration efforts involving multiple educators and community partners. Teachers can apply for up to 18 available $2,000 awards to support efforts to improve outcomes in PK-12 classrooms. Applications can be downloaded here and must be submitted by Friday, October 21st, 2016.

For more information, visit the Turning Foundation Innovative Teacher Mini-Grant website.

About Turning Foundation:

Turning Technologies, a global leader in learning engagement and assessment services, established the Turning Foundationin 2009 as a separate non-profit 501(c)3 organization. The mission of the foundation is to seek, secure and distribute resources in support of improving educational opportunities and student achievement in PK-16 settings and enhancing community well-being. The foundation supports efforts in the greater Mahoning Valley to enhance and improve education for all and with supports also directed toward the community in general. Turning Foundation also works to connect efforts locally to a broader national education and community development agenda. We hope to help facilitate the connections between education and community well-being, here in the greater Mahoning Valley and nationally.