YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (Oct. 23, 2017) – Educators will soon be able to use TurningPoint interactive polling software for much more than in-class polling and engagement.

Turning Technologies, the global leader in learning, engagement and assessment solutions, is upgrading its signature software with features that will empower instructors and administrators to interact with students both inside and outside the classroom. The company will release the next generation of its easy-to-use and reliable Engagement Success Platform in time for the upcoming school year.

A web architecture for instructors as well as students is one of the primary product enhancements that Turning Technologies is developing. This will untether TurningPoint from the desktop, and allow instructors to manage presentations, access session files, manage results and generate reports from any web-enabled device. Installing a desktop program will no longer be necessary beyond a simple add-in for instructors who want to poll within PowerPoint.

Turning Technologies will also continue to support and enhance TurningPoint desktop for instructors who prefer to use a desktop solution.

“We have experienced explosive growth in the use of our mobile technology with the number of instructors conducting mobile sessions almost doubling over the past two years,” said CEO Ethan Cohen. “This growth, along with feedback from our clients, has led to a major shift in our product roadmap, and we are devoting more resources than ever before to enhancing our mobile and web technologies.”

These enhancements will also allow instructors and trainers to use TurningPoint to interact with students outside of the classroom through class surveys and quizzes. Students will benefit from a variety of enhancements, including interactive flashcards, and administrators will be able to conduct surveys that span the entire institution.

The company has other exciting enhancements on its roadmap and is garnering feedback from clients on the proposed improvements. It will make adjustments to the product roadmap based on that input.

“Client feedback has been instrumental in shaping our product roadmap, and we have several other exciting enhancements which we will announce over the coming months,” said Cohen. “We encourage all clients to continue providing feedback to their Account Executives and Client Success Leaders so that we can refine our roadmap and focus on major improvements that will benefit as many clients as possible.”

About Turning Technologies:
Turning Technologies is the global leader for learning, engagement and assessment solutions. Founded in 2002 in Youngstown, Ohio, Turning Technologies began with the development of response technology to connect learners to learning. Today, over 20 million response solutions have been delivered to K-12 schools, universities and businesses worldwide. Information on Turning Technologies can be found at Follow @TurningTech.