Company also releases updates to TurningPoint desktop software

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (June 21, 2018) – Turning Technologies, the global leader in interactive learning, engagement and assessment solutions, this week launched a comprehensive web-based platform that offers clients the ability to create content, conduct polls, schedule surveys and assessments, and manage results entirely online.

TurningPoint web automatically saves results online rather than to a computer or receiver. Instructors can poll with a light PowerPoint add-in or directly on the web. The product also introduces the capability to schedule large-scale surveys and assessments, so instructors and trainers can now use TurningPoint to interact with participants at any time, both inside and outside of the classroom or meeting room.

As with the company’s traditional desktop solution, participants will be able to respond to interactive questions using either mobile devices or clickers.

The tech company’s CEO Ethan Cohen said that client feedback was the driving force behind the creation of TurningPoint web.

“Clients wanted the convenience of a web-based platform without losing any of the key pieces that they love from our desktop solution,” he said. “Top on the list was the inclusion of both our industry-leading native PowerPoint integration and the ability for participants to respond using either a mobile device or a clicker. TurningPoint web delivers all of that and more, which sets us apart from other polling options.”

Desktop clients can also look forward to an even better TurningPoint experience with the release of v8.5. This has all of the benefits of earlier version 8 releases, including advanced integrations, an enhanced user interface and improved overall performance. The upgrade introduces an array of other important features and advancements, including the ability to automatically send results to most Learning Management Systems and continued Mac compatibility.

In addition to the web and desktop releases, the company’s TurningPoint app has been optimized to provide a better user experience, increased stability and improved performance.

Watch this video to learn more about TurningPoint web and desktop: