YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (Sept. 20, 2016) – Turning Technologies, the leading partner for learning engagement and assessment services, recently announced the release of the QT2 response device. The new device features ergonomic casing with a QWERTY keyboard with metal-tipped keys. Developed from user feedback, the QT2 was designed to enhance the learning process. The QT2 response device is available to order.
The QT2 is compatible with all TurningPoint question types such as multiple choice, multiple response, numeric response, true/false, short answer and essay. Participants can respond to PowerPoint questions, on-the-fly questions or self-paced evaluations, surveys or tests. Featuring a full keyboard, presenters are able to collect detailed feedback from open-ended questions for complete understanding of participant knowledge. With the full keyboard and easy input, participants can send confidential messages to the presenter or brainstorm as a group with everyone participating.  The LCD screen and keyboard are backlit to provide clear viewing and support low-light environments.

Participants can use the QT2 to navigate to any question on self-paced assessments or skip questions. Presenters can monitor the participants’ progress in real-time and view detailed reports. With messaging capabilities, participants are able to send questions to the presenter without interrupting the current topic or situation. The QT2 has a nonvolatile memory to store all responses for data security and stability.

“With user testing and feedback, the QT2 is the continuation of our main initiative of putting our clients first to ensure we are meeting all their needs,” said Turning Technologies’ CEO Mike Broderick.  “This new casing and keyboard design was developed from participant feedback for an easier to hold and use device for every learning environment.  Whether users choose our proprietary devices like the all new QT2 or choose to use our mobile solutions on their smart phones, tablets, ChromeBooks or other web enabled devices, we continue to provide the leading products in the industry.”

About Turning Technologies:

Turning Technologies creates leading audience response systems and data collection solutions for all learning environments.  Founded in 2002 in Youngstown, OH, Turning Technologies began with the development of response technology that was affordable and user-friendly.  Today, over 20 million Turning Technologies response devices have been delivered to K-12 schools, universities and businesses worldwide. Information on Turning Technologies can be found at  Follow @TurningTech.