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Student Response Clickers and Student Clicker App

Response Options

Our variety of response options for TurningPoint and ExamView provide solutions for every learning environment. Our tools vary from simple to full-featured to mobile, and they allow participants to respond to many different question types.

Mobile Responding

Our mobile option allows participants to view and respond to interactive questions with their smart phone, tablet or computer through an app or web browser. All subscriptions include mobile responding capabilities which provide immediate, full access to engage and interact in the learning process.


Clicker Responding

Our assortment of dependable, easy-to-use response clickers offer varying features. This allows you to choose the response device that best meets your needs and the needs of your learners. Whether you require something simple, full-featured or a device to support the visually impaired, we have what you’re looking for.

QT2 Audience Response Clicker


QT2 is a full-featured clicker keypad designed to collect even more meaningful data than traditional response clickers. QT2 is the perfect device to increase understanding and communication throughout the teaching and learning process.

ResponseCard RF LCD Classroom Polling Clicker


The LCD response clicker offers a simple design with clear and concise buttons to make participation easy. Light as a credit card, yet strong enough to withstand the elements of any learning environment.

ResponseCard Accessibility Classroom Response Clicker


Our easy-to-use accessibility option was designed for the visually impaired with Braille on each button and vibrations for notifications.

ResponseCard SE Clicker Keypad


The SE response device is a single event use clicker keypad designed specifically for the meetings and event industry. The SE features reliable radio frequency technology at a lower cost.

QT Clicker Response Device


The QT response device delivers a rich product experience and offers advanced capabilities such as a full QWERTY keypad and backlit screen for easy viewing.

Hybrid Clicker and Mobile Response App Solutions

Response options
working together

We offer a hybrid solution to accommodate the needs of every participant, instructor and organization. Our response options work in harmony and give individual participants the option to utilize either a clicker response device or a web-enabled device. Responses from both mobile and hardware solutions are tied to each participant to permit flexibility and create an environment that works for everyone.