Touch Board Plus

Touch Board Plus

Get hands-on with instruction and allow participants the freedom to control and annotate content with fingertips. Touch Board Plus allows up to 6 multi-touch points to support collaborative material that utilizes every inch for interaction. Pen-and-finger system gives participants multiple ways to solve problems, write sentences or draw pictures for more engaging, hands-on experiences. High-resolution technology provides accurate tracking of natural movements and gestures. Steel surface supports magnets when used with dry erase markers or in non-interactive mode.

Digital Whiteboard Features

Better Together

WorkSpace software powers the Touch Board Plus, allowing participants and presenters to write, diagram, manipulate and annotate over content with ease. Lending to the Touch Board Plus’ capabilities, its advanced recognition features convert handwritten text, shapes and equations into more legible, digital content. Gesture recognition makes working on the board as easy as interacting with a tablet, featuring the ability to pinch, zoom, select and swipe objects.

Make Content Mobile

Add on the Mobi View and make instruction mobile. Keep all the functionality of Touch Board Plus while adding the freedom to move around the room with Mobi View. Control all content from mobile touch screen. Combine with Mobi View devices in multi-user mode to allow up to nine participants to display work at the same time, from anywhere in the room.

The Right Additions for Your Interactive Whiteboard

AdjustIt 3 Stand

The AdjustIt 3 Stand (sold separately) allows the Touch Board Plus to be stationary or mobile. Easy-to-use system provides mobility from class to class and around the room, and enables educators to adjust the board to any height. The AdjustIt 3 Stand includes a universal video projector arm that is compatible with short throw projectors.

Wireless Kit

Touch Board Plus Wireless Kit is the only wireless kit available for instructors to present with agility, without feeling tethered to the front of the room. Without the need for cables, the Wireless Kit prevents tripping hazards and keeps the computer out of sight to free up the instructor for effective learning. The Touch Board Plus Wireless Kit’s 50 foot range provides mobility for small to medium-sized learning environments. With options to mount the Wireless Kit to a wall or Touch Board Plus frame, wireless connection will not be interrupted.


Touch Board Plus Specs:

Technology Infrared technology (pen and finger touch)
Touch Points Six multi-touch points
Resolutions 32,000 x 32,000
Position Accuracy Less than or equal to 0.2 mm
Cursor Speed Greater than or equal to 125 dots/second
Computer Connection USB
Optional wireless RF kit
Power Consumption Less than 100 mA
Software WorkSpace
Compatibility Windows® 8, Windows 7 and Windows Vista®;
Mac OS X up to 10.8; Linux®
Warranty 2 years with available extension to 5 years
Included Components
  • WorkSpace Software
  • USB Cable
  • 4 Touch Board Pens
  • Touch Board Wand
Model Active Area Size Aspect Ratio Width Height Weight Shipping Weight Shipping Size
TTTB-1078 78 inches 4:3 69.9 in (177.5 cm) 53.8 in (136.5 cm) 51.1 lbs. 88.6 lbs. 75 in x 59 in x 4 in
TTTB-1088 88 inches 16:10 81.3 in (206.4 cm) 52.1 in (132.4 cm) 61.3 lbs. 94.1 lbs. 86 in x 57 in x 4 in

AdjustIt 3

Short Throw Wall Universal Projector Arm

Allows for a short throw projector to be mounted to the wall mount. The projector will then raise and lower with the interactive whiteboard so you do not need to separately readjust and calibrate the projector to the board.

Size 48” x 18” x 3.5” (122 x 36 x 9 cm)
Weight 13.2 lbs (6 Kg)
Packaging Dimensions 52” x 16.5” x 3.75”
Projector Mount to IWB Range 23” – 39.5” (58 – 100 cm)

Wall Mount

Mount the interactive whiteboard to the wall and allow for the board to be easily raised and lowered.

IWB Compatibility DualBoard: 78”, 89”, 97”
Touch Board: 78”, 88”
Touch Board Plus: 78”, 88”
Size 53.7” x 42.5” x 6.25” (136 x 108 x 16 cm)
Range of Height Adjustment 16.5” (42 cm)
Height Adjustment Mechanism Hydraulic Piston. Lockable in any position.
Weight 53 lbs (24 Kg)
Packaging Dimensions 56” x 46” x 5” (143 x 117 x 13 cm)

Mobile Stand

Mounts the AdjustIt 3 Wall Mount and interactive whiteboard to an easy-to-move stand, allowing for the flexibility to pass through doorways into additional classrooms.

Size 48” x 28.5” x 62” (122 x 72 x 158)
Weight 50.7 lbs (23 Kg)
Packaging Dimensions 64.5” x 32.5” x 6.25” (164 x 83 x 16 cm)

Fragile Wall Mount

Reinforces fragile walls that would not normally support the weight of the Wall Mount and the interactive whiteboard.

Weight 33 lbs (15 Kg)
Packaging Dimensions 70.5” x 17.5” x 5.7” (179 x 45 x 15 cm)

Wireless Kit

RC COM Length: 4.25”
Width: 2.6”
Height: 1.5”
50 foot range
3 foot USB cable
Power Supply
Touch Board Plus Clip
MultiHub Receiver Length: .8”
Width: 3”
Height: .4”
USB Powered
Supports 1 board & up to 9 Mobi tablets
Software Compatibility WorkSpace PC 9.4 / Java 6.3 and higher
Device Manager 7.3.1 and higher
Software OS Compatibility Windows XP SP3, Vista, 7 or 8
Mac 10.7 – 10.9
Ubuntu 12 & 14

*Actual performance may vary depending on polling environment and other equipment