Interactive Whiteboards

Interactive Whiteboards

Our interactive whiteboard solutions open up new, exciting opportunities to deliver dynamic content. Traditional pen or multi-touch whiteboards compel collaboration that puts lessons in the hands of learners. Powered by WorkSpace software, users are provided with unique interactions to draw, highlight, insert images and annotate over instructional content. High-resolution technology provides clear and concise accuracy in writing, diagramming and content delivery. Take collaboration to new levels and add up to nine people or groups with Mobi devices to collaborate with each other, interact with material and contribute to content from anywhere in the room.

Touch Board Plus

Touch Board Plus Digital Whiteboard

  • SIX multi-touch points to engage larger groups with multiple activities
  • Common gesture recognition including pinch, zoom and swipe

Interactive, Multi-Touch Board Experience

Touch Board Plus is a pen-and-finger interactive whiteboard that provides up to six multi-touch points. Enhance group settings and allow all participants to remain engaged in activities with precise touch recognition. Work effortlessly on the Touch Board Plus as you would a handheld device with gesture and conversion tools for freehand movements.


DualBoard™ Interactive Whiteboard

  • Split Screen or Sandbox modes achieve group work and superior collaboration
  • Durable for everyday use as both interactive and standard dry erase board

Double the Interaction with Pen-Based Whiteboard

DualBoard™ allows two participants or teams to work at the board and manipulate and annotate with pens over content simultaneously. Take teamwork to new heights with unique Sandbox mode where many participants can work within one larger display area, collaborating within the same space.

Mobi View

Mobi View Handheld Interactive Whiteboard

  • Launch applications and view responses without being tethered to a computer
  • Connect up to nine devices in multi-user mode for joint contributions

Take it Mobile with Handheld Device

Expand instructional boundaries with compelling and effective content anywhere, anytime. Deliver and control engaging material from anywhere in the room with the use of Mobi View for presenters. View and analyze responses in real time on the color, LCD touch screen. Equip learners with Mobi Views in multi-user mode for additional interaction from all seats.


WorkSpace Digital Whiteboard Software

  • Over 60 interactive tools to facilitate interactive presentations
  • Access over 4,000 presentation resources, including images and animations

Interactive and Innovative Whiteboard Software

WorkSpace is the driving software behind our whiteboards, allowing users to easily interact with boards and content. Unique tools and resources are available for presenters to drive collaboration in unparalleled ways.