QT2 Clicker

This full-featured keypad is designed to collect even more meaningful data than traditional clickers. QT2 helps to increase understanding and communication throughout the teaching and learning process.
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Our best audience response device - even better!

More ways to engage

Sleek and ergonomic design encourages added engagement, confidence and comfort using a familiar, durable keyboard.

More ways to communicate

Messaging capabilities allow questions to be sent and received throughout instruction. Engage in real time or self-paced mode.

More ways to understand

An array of question types such as short answer and essay provide a deeper look at participant understanding.

Interactive learning technology you can trust.

Continuous learning

Up to 74 different sessions can run at one time in close proximity without interference.

Receive every response

A 200-foot range ensures responses are collected from every participant regardless of environment.

It's all about data

Data will remain safely stored in the QT2’s device memory until participants submit responses for presenter review.

The Perfect Match

Use the QT2 response device to increase understanding and communication in any learning environment, whether in the classroom or out in the field.

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